Do You Know The Characteristics Of Papermaking Blankets?

May. 16, 2019

1. Compressibility of the blanket

The blanket made by Paper Making Rapier Loom must maintain a certain degree of compressibility. After the blanket is used, the pore volume is gradually reduced, and the diameter of the capillary tube in the felt is gradually reduced. As a result, the passage of the fluid flow and the permeability of the felt are reduced, and the liquid resistance of the nip is increased. When the thickness of the felt is reduced to a certain extent, the water filtration of the felt cannot meet the requirements of use, indicating the end of the life of the felt. The anti-compression ability of the felt is directly related to whether the performance of the felt remains stable, and whether the paper machine reaches the steady state press.

2. Abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance of the felt made by Dryer Fabric Paper Making Rapier Loom is the extent to which the felt is damaged by the friction between the rollers and the vacuum components during the operation of the press section of the simulated paper machine under certain pressure conditions. The felt acts to transmit power and drive the driven roller of the press section to generate friction with the surface of a part of the fixing member of the press section. However, in terms of the service life and performance of the felt, the higher the warp breaking strength of the paper felt and the abrasion resistance index of the surface fiber layer, the more advantageous.

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