What Are The Quality Parameters Of Papermaking Blankets?

May. 13, 2019

1. Length and width of the blanket made by Polyester Fabric Loom

The width of the blanket should be sufficient to support the full width of the paper. The wide width of the blanket not only increases the unit consumption of the blanket, but even tears the blanket; if the width of the blanket is narrow, the blanket may not effectively cover the suction box panel of the paper machine, and cannot support Full-width paper.

The length of the felt must match the operating structure of the paper machine and be able to withstand the required tension during operation of the machine. If the length of the felt is too long, the running tension required by the paper machine will not be reached, and if the length of the felt is too short, it will not be installed properly.

2. The weight of the blanket made by High Cost Performance Polyester Fabric Loom

During the papermaking operation, the felt and the wet paper sheet are subjected to a pressing force in the thickness direction between a pair of press rolls in the press section of the paper machine, which requires a moderate weight of the felt square, a reasonable carpet structure, and a certain amount of acceptance. The ability to squeeze out moisture from wet sheets. The square meter weight deviation of the blanket is too large, so that the dewatering rate of the wet paper sheet is lowered, the paper sheet is easy to produce a blanket print, and the like, and more paper diseases such as wet paper embossing and local dehydration are also caused.

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