Classification Of Special Networks

May. 11, 2019

Sludge dewatering net made by Steel Mesh Rapier Loom is mainly used in belt filter press, rubber belt vacuum filter, horizontal vacuum belt filter, suitable for municipal sewage sludge, pressure filtration of sludge in various industries, paper mill press, concentration Juice press and other special industries.

Features: Because the mesh belt is herringbone design, the sludge and mesh belt are peeled off quickly, it is not easy to stick to mud, a lot of mud is discharged, easy to clean, and the connection is quick and convenient.

The alkali-resistant net is mainly used for: the material use temperature is 100 degrees, the alkali content ≧ (20% sodium hydroxide) pressure filtration, and other industries requiring high tensile strength and high wear resistance.

The desulfurization net made by Anti -tearing Conveyor Belt Loom is mainly used for: series rubber belt vacuum filter, horizontal vacuum belt filter, vacuum drum filter, vertical filter press, etc. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation industry such as wet desulfurization, tailings, metallurgy, mining, chemical, coal chemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical and environmental protection.

Anti-static net is mainly used for chemical fiber, dry paper making, fiberboard continuous press belt, continuous pre-press belt, and materials need conductive, anti-static industry

Special network is mainly used in papermaking, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, coal washing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food drying, wood-based panel factory, metallurgy, power plant desulfurization, mining, fermentation and other industries. Shijiazhuang Textile Machinery focuses on the production of special net looms and is large in China. Special net manufacturers have provided special net looms for many times, and the quality of excellence has been highly recognized by customers.

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