GWJ Dryer Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

This machine is suitable for weaving high-strength and high-density dryer fabric、double warp polyester heterotype flat yarn and other kinds of heavy fabrics.


CXWJ Dry Mesh Loom

CXWJ Dry Mesh Loom

1. Range of Polyester Monofilament: warp: 0.3~1.0 mm,weft: 0.2~0.9mm.

2. Weft Density: 35~400 picks/10cm.

3. Reed Width: 9000~12500mm.

4. Economic Speed: 60rpm.

5. Power: About 150kw.

6. Weight: About 80-100T

1. Framework Mechanism: The main wallboard is combined with cast iron box, the wallboard fixed on the whole basement.

2. Main Drive Mechanism: Adopting new type of reluctance motor, two-sided coaxial drive.

3. Shedding Mechanism: Two-sided Double lift heavy dobby, 16 pieces of heald frames.

4. Weft Insertion: Adopting serve motor driven, double rapiers weft insertion, 4 color automatic weft selection.

5. Beating-up: Multi-segment combined crank four-linkage weft beating.

6. Take-up Mechanism: Adopting motor drive to two sided special large torque mechanical turbine and worm reducer,three-roller positive take-up.

7. Let-off Mechanism: Servo motor drive two warp beam, positive let off.

8. Fabric Rolling Mechanism: Independent external central fabric rolling system. 

9. Lubrication System: The whole machine is automatic centralized lubrication and manual lubrication.

10. Controlling System:With PLC computer control system, the complete machine can set various parameters and automatically display faults, automatically stop. 

CXWJ Dry Mesh Loom