Dry Network Use Precautions

Jun. 19, 2019

The joint is the weakest link of the dry mesh which from Wide Rapier Loom, so the strength of the threading and the dry mesh joint operation should be paid attention to;

Dry mesh joints are also the most prone to dry paper marks on the paper surface. In addition to changing the selection of dry mesh seams, reducing the tension of the dry mesh, reducing the large wrap angle of the dry net, and greatly bending the path can effectively avoid such problem.

Due to the constant collision of the palms at the edge of the dry mesh, if the edge of the dry mesh from Wire Mesh Rapier Loom is poorly woven or hydrolyzed, it is easy to have a problem of edge crepe.

In many cases, the production staff will think that the same or similar length of the dry network can be interchanged at random. It should be noted that in the dry network selection, the manufacturer has already matched the dry network design. The dry network in the high evaporation section often contains It must be resistant to hydrolysis, so it is not recommended to change the position of the dry mesh unless there is a shortage of spare parts.

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