The Harm of Wide Rapier Loom's Sword Head and Sword Belt

Jun. 27, 2019

The sword head and sword belt are the key components of the Wide Rapier Loom to complete the weft insertion task. In the weft insertion process of the rapier loom, the weft yarn is always actively controlled by the sword head, which makes the weft insertion error less and the reliability is high. Once the sword head wears, it will lead to the failure of weft insertion. In severe cases, it will even cause a large number of warp yarn breaks, which will affect the quality of the fabric.

Wide Rapier Loom

The looms run 400 rpm, and the daily operation is 20 hours. The sword head reciprocates 960,000 times a day, and the sword head is inevitably worn during long-term operation. The most vulnerable parts of the sword head are the head, the wings and the bottom. Each time the weft is inserted, the sword head is subjected to the friction of warp, guide hook, sword board and guide rails when entering the sword and retreating the sword. When the two wings of the sword head are severely formed into a knife-edge shape, the warp yarn is easily broken, and even the sword head is not controlled by the guide hook and jumps out of the shed, forming a large number of broken ends.

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