DW100 Wide Rapier Loom

This machine is mainly suitable for weaving paper-making woven press felt , filter cloth used in mine, wide geotextile, wide glass fiber cloth, such as wide canvas fabric.


1、Range of weft wires and warp wires: Ply monofilament, ply yarn, glass fiber, wire mesh and other wires

2、Fabric Weight: 800g-1000g/㎡

3、Reed Width: 5000-13000mm

4、Designed Speed: 45rpm.

5、Power: about 15kw.

6、Beating-up Force: Not less than 1000kg/m

1、The main wallboard: adopting iron box structure, the complete machine installed on the basement.

2、Main Drive: Adopting bilateral motor and pneumatic clutch two-sided coaxial drive.

3、Shedding: Single side -drawing dobby, 10 pieces of heald frames.

4、Weft Insertion: Servo motor drive, rapier insertion.

5、Beating-up: Multi-segment combined crank four-linkage weft beating.

6、Take up Mechanism: Servo motor drive, three rollers positive take up.

7、Let off: Servo motor drive, single warp beam let off.

8、Fabric Rolling : cylinder drive, external fabric rolling system.

9、Lubrication system: The complete machine is lubricated with automatic grease lubrication and hand pump centralized oil lubrication.

10、Controlling System: With OMRON PLC computer control system, the complete machine can freely set up various parameters and automatically display faults.