TWA Wire Mesh Rapier Loom

This machine is to weave all kinds of wire mesh.


1.Reed Width: 3000mm-5000mm.

2.Applicable yarn: Various kinds of wire, such as stainless steel, copper, etc.

3.Economic Speed: 30rpm

4.Power: About 7.5Kw

5.Weight of Machine: About 20 Tons.

Machine Constructions

1.Frame work: It consists of two main wall boards and multiple groups of middle wall boards.

2.Main Drive: The whole machine is driven by pneumatic clutch and main motor system.

3.Shedding: Tappet cam shedding system, 4 pieces of heald frames.

4.Weft Insertion: Single rapier weft insertion, servo motor drive.

5.Beating-up: Crank shaft six linkage lever double beating up system.

6.Take-up: Mechanical take up.

7.Let-off: Mechanical positive let off mechanism

8.Control System: Adopting PLC control, it sets the buttons of output, fault, and speed.