Textile Machinery Industry Will Usher in a New Period of Development

Feb. 17, 2020

The advancement of science and technology has brought the textile machinery industry to a new stage of development. Whether it is reform and innovation or waiting to be eliminated, it has become a common problem faced by every textile industry boss. History is advancing social progress, and science and technology are advancing social development. This is a general trend that no one can stop.

With the development of the social situation and the progress of science and technology, the textile machinery industry has entered a new period of development. China's textile machinery industry has gone from nothing in the past, from repair to manufacturing, from stand-alone manufacturing to process engineering complete sets, from a single industry to cover upstream and downstream industries, from the continuous improvement of a traditional industry, to the use of high-tech fibers High-tech industry in material manufacturing and deep processing.

So, in the new development period, what are the development manifestations of the textile machinery industry? Anxious, the following Polyester Fabric Loom Manufacturer will take everyone to take a look.

From a single planned economy to a socialist market economy. The production of textile machinery products has become a commodity production. In the past, there was only one domestic market, but now it faces two international and domestic markets. The market has no boundaries, and the production of goods must turn around the market. The market for resource allocation is the foundation, and market demand is changing rapidly. The market demand has spurred our transformation and upgrading, promoted technological progress, and was eliminated without progress. In the past, tens of thousands of shuttle looms were produced in a year, in short supply, and now shuttle looms are going into museums.

From simply relying on an increase in quantity to a qualitative improvement and an increase in technical content. Quantitative change to qualitative change is also a process of the development of things. From nothing to existence, from existence to more, from more to more, from weak to stronger, it is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change, and also the law of the development of things. One product or one type of product is produced at the same time, and only pursues the same level of quantity extension without innovation, quality improvement and technological content increase. It is easy to form "internal consumption" or excessive production, and the development form is forced. Follow us on the road to innovation.

From traditional industries to high-tech materials and high-tech industries. The development of the situation has prompted the traditional "climbing up" to the new material industry, and "downward" to the high-tech fiber deep processing industry, which is suitable for emerging industries such as aviation, aerospace, medical, water conservancy, construction industry, and decoration and apparel.

Computer Control Paper Making Rapier Loom

Computer Control Paper Making Rapier Loom

From the traditional mechanical structure to replace the manual era, it has entered the information technology era with mechanization, automation, continuity, and intelligence, and electronic technology as the core. For example, Computer Control Paper Making Rapier Loom appeared. The production of polyester and chemical fiber spinning is not only large-capacity, but also high-speed, automated and continuous production. High-speed, traditional ring spinning technology with high speed and continuity; rotor spinning at more than 100,000 revolutions per minute; shuttleless loom with high-speed reciprocating cross-rotation, with a rotation speed of more than 1,000 revolutions per minute, the control uses the "navigation system" "technology.