Installation Of Paper Machine Clothing Loom

Apr. 28, 2019

Preparations before the installation of the Paper Machine Clothing Loom:

1. When the paper-making paper machine is transported to the site and not installed, it should be properly kept. The exposed parts should be coated with anti-rust grease as much as possible. The surface is exposed to wind and rain to prevent collective rust. A maintenance system should be established.

2. The plant and foundation should be of sufficient height and installation position according to the basic dimensions of the paper-making machine. The base of the paper-cutting machine should be made of high-standard cement and must be embedded with steel bars, and the threading pipe or cable trench should be reserved.

3, should be equipped with 1-2 tons of lifting tools for the installation and maintenance of the paper machine.

4. The paper-cutting machine must be cleaned and inspected from the factory to the use time for more than 6 months. After the cleaning inspection, sufficient lubricating oil should be added to each part.

The installation of Paper Making Rapier Loom:

1. First fix the transmission of the paper machine equipment, mainly to control a certain height, then use the level plane of the level, and at the same time, fix the screws on the transmission equipment.

2. Please install the paper machine equipment host according to the steps we have indicated.

3. The position and telling of the steam pipeline should be installed according to the general plan, and should not be arbitrarily modified or processed. The joints of the pipelines should be sealed. There should be no air leakage after tightening. After the components are installed, the test machine should be tested.

Paper Machine Clothing Loom