Detailed Paper Problems Related To Papermaking Blankets

Sep. 29, 2019

Find here details of Paper Making Rapier Loom on our website.Today we would like to talk about detailed paper problems related to papermaking blankets.

In the process of paper making, we often encounter problems of one kind or another, resulting in a large number of paper diseases.

Timely and accurate analysis of the causes of problems can quickly take effective measures to minimize losses. This is what our papermakers should do. Here are a few common paper-related issues related to blankets:

Paper Making Rapier Loom

Paper Making Rapier Loom

Paper page crush:

Paper crushing means that the wet paper sheet is subjected to pressure in the nip to form fluid pressure. Under the action of fluid pressure, the moisture in the paper sheet is discharged outward. If the drainage is not smooth, the fiber in the wet paper sheet is destroyed. The state of arrangement, called "crushing" paper "crushing", is the most common phenomenon in paper disease and the most troublesome paper disease.

Among the factors that cause the paper to collapse, there are four factors in the papermaking blanket. Only the factors of the papermaking blanket are explained by Paper Making Rapier Loom Manufacturer below:

1. Paper sheet crushing is improperly caused by paper sheet crushing.

The selection of the blanket must be based on the technical parameters and production environment of the paper machine to select the name, weight, air permeability, thickness and raw material origin of the supporting papermaking blanket. It is best to communicate with the technical staff of the blanket manufacturer. And cooperate, so that you can avoid detours.

2. The paper is crushed due to the dirt of the papermaking blanket.

Strengthening the washing of papermaking blankets and maintaining the cleanliness of papermaking blankets is the most important thing in extending their service life and reducing the occurrence of paper diseases.

3. The paper is crushed due to the abrasion of the paper felt.

The abrasion of the papermaking felt is divided into two types: uniform wear and partial wear.

The causes of blanket wear are: new replacement of vacuum box panel, insufficient needle tightness of the blanket, too light setting, excessive vacuum, no lubrication between the felt and the vacuum panel, improper selection of the vacuum panel material, excessive friction coefficient and blanket Used in the late stage. Measures should be taken for the above different reasons.

4. The sheet is crushed due to poor running condition of the blanket

The operating state of the papermaking felt mainly includes: the tension state of the felt; the lateral contraction state of the felt; the flat state of the felt standard; the flat surface of the felt, and the like. The tension of the blanket is too small, the lateral contraction is too large, the vacuum suction box leaks, the standard line deformation of the felt, the uneven tension of the felt base cloth, etc., which easily lead to uneven dewatering of the wet paper sheet and cause crushing.

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