About Rapier Looms

Oct. 08, 2019

With the continuous improvement of living standards, weaving machines are more and more widely used in people's lives and textile machinery is more and more widely used. Its main features are as follows:

1. High speed: textile machinery of complete sets of sex from belongs to the technology, also is one of the main development characteristics of modern textile machinery constantly improve the running speed of the machine, in order to gain high yield, to reduce the equipment with the Numbers, cutting workshop area, save investment and labor force, and with less capital gain larger effect, the most common is High speed wide rapier loom.

High speed wide rapier loom

High speed wide rapier loom

2. Strong technology: allocated to the corresponding equipment of each process to complete. The entire process is determined by the process requirements and does not reverse or unconditionally omit or merge processes.

3. province maintenance: modern textile machinery in the design of adequate attention to reduce maintenance and extend the service life, in the selection of materials and the development of heat treatment process after careful consideration, to ensure the service life of parts long, reliable action.

4. Standardization: large repetition factor, design corresponding tools according to the size of parts batch, which can ensure the high efficiency, high quality and low cost of the production of these parts.

5. High efficiency: the high efficiency of textile machinery is on the basis of high speed plus the corresponding other measures to achieve, save a lot of handling work, improve the efficiency. In addition to the efficiency of the loom itself, there will be more efficient looms on the market than ordinary looms, such as higher efficiency wide rapier loom.

The rapier loom is a kind of loom. Rapier loom is the most widely used of shuttleless loom, it besides has the shuttleless loom high speed, high degree of automation, highly efficient production, the variety of its positive weft insertion mode have very strong adaptability, can adapt to all kinds of yarn weft insertion, combined with the rapier loom in multicolor weft weaving aspect also has the obvious advantage, can produce as many as 16 color weft yarn dyed products.With shuttle-less loom replacing shuttle loom, rapier loom will become the main production machine of woven fabric.Because the parts of rapier loom have good adaptability and low price, it has been in the leading position.Widely used in yarn-dyed, silk, wool weaving and other industries, is the most versatile loom. The following is the working principle of rapier loom accessories: rapier loom accessories weft selection signal device according to the process design weft color cycle to send instruction signal through the weft selection bar to complete the weft mixing work.Weft selection device technology with the help of computer technology, the use of computer weft selection, through the computer control instructions, so as to improve the weft selection efficiency, improve the quality of spinning.

There are many kinds of rapier loom, including Wide rapier loom and computer-controlled paper loom, and they can be used for weaving paper, woven felt, mining press cloth, wide geotextile, wide glass fiber cloth, wide canvas cloth, etc. Rapier loom is only a type of loom, for other looms, also need to be specific analysis of the specific situation, using different technology to choose different looms. So as to improve production efficiency and economic benefits.

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