Do You Know the Difference Between a Rapier Loom and an Air Jet Loom?

Mar. 31, 2020

What is a rapier? The rapier loom is currently the most widely used Industrial Fabric Loom. In addition to the characteristics of high speed, the high degree of automation and the high efficiency of shuttleless loom, its active weft insertion method has strong variety adaptability. It is suitable for weft insertion of various types of yarns. In addition, the rapier loom also has Easy To Maintain Integral Core Loom. It can produce yarn-dyed products with up to 16-color weft yarns. Shuttle loom replaces shuttle loom, the rapier loom will become the main production type of woven fabric.

The air-jet loom is a shuttleless loom that uses jet air to draw weft yarns through the shed. The working principle is to use air as the weft insertion medium and use the compressed air jet to generate the frictional traction force on the weft yarn. The weft yarn is brought through the shed, and the purpose of weft insertion is achieved by the jet generated by air jet. The difference between the two:

Distinguish from the edges of the edge tissue: 1. Polyester/cotton thread is usually a rapier (locking device), and filaments are air-jet weaving (planetary gear device). 2. Air-jet double open fabric, with one side being a thread and the other side being a filament. (The middle is the hemming device, and weft planet gears are installed on both sides). 3. Rapier double open fabric, both sides of the yarn are polyester-cotton thread (both hemming device).

GWJ Dryer Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

GWJ Dryer Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

Loom distinction. Rapier loom: Use a rigid or flexible rapier head to hold and guide the weft. In addition to being suitable for weaving plain and grain fabrics, rapier looms are characterized by an easy color change and multi-color weft fabrics. They are suitable for the production of yarn-dyed, double-layer fleece, terry, and decorative fabrics. Air-jet loom: The compressed airflow is used to pull the weft yarn through the shed. The biggest feature of the air-jet loom is fast speed and high labor productivity. It is suitable for plain and grain fabrics, fine extra high-density fabrics and large batch fabrics.

The advantages and disadvantages of grey fabrics: 1. There are many types of fine yarns in grey fabrics produced by air jets, and the grades are relatively high, mainly for light and thin fabrics. Rapier machines generally have more varieties of coarse yarns, and the grades are lower, mainly for heavy fabrics .2 From the point of view of equipment, air-jet and rapier are nothing more than weft insertion. 3. Weaving gray fabrics of the same organization, the cost of raw materials are the same, and the weaving cost is low. For example, twill, the speed of the jet can reach up to 800 rpm or more, the arrow shaft is only about 180-200 rpm. Up to 4-6 arrows.

Similarities and opposites. Commonness: All are burrs and can be the same specifications. Heterosexuality: Under the premise of the same yarn count and specifications, the air jet weight is slightly lighter. The flatness of air-jet the flat grey cloth is better than that of rapier production. Air-jet loom fabric shrinkage will be correspondingly larger. The quality of the pneumatic yarn is better than that of the rapier.

The world is changing fast, and the speed of change is faster than we imagine. As a traditional industry with a high degree of dependence on China's foreign countries, the textile industry should also change rapidly to follow the trend and keep up with the development of society. However, at present, most of the textile companies remain in the so-called safe and comfortable zone due to the old tradition. They do not acknowledge or face the impact and challenges of the Internet. They deceive themselves and stick to the oldest management and sales model. There are many industry leaders among them. Even if some companies have realized this new business model, they still refuse to make changes for the sake of immediate benefits. However, Internet + is an inevitable trend. If you do not adjust your operating thinking, it will inevitably be eliminated.

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