The Importance Of Paper Forming Wire

Dec. 16, 2019

The production of the paper industry is inseparable from the papermaking equipment and materials. The papermaking network that forms the paper is an important factor that determines the development of the papermaking industry, so the history of the development of the papermaking network is also the history of the papermaking industry.

Because polyester mesh has many advantages such as fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance compared to metal mesh, it has also been rapidly developed and popularized in the paper industry. In 1983, China Polyester Mesh was successfully used in the paper industry, which strongly promoted the popularization and application of Polyester Mesh. In 1984, China began to introduce a full set of polyester mesh production equipment from abroad, and developed from a single-layer polyester forming wire to the current multi-layer polyester forming wire, which has accelerated the development of the Chinese paper industry.

How to choose and apply polyester forming wire is of great significance to improve the quality and production efficiency of papermaking and reduce costs. China's paper industry is developing rapidly. It is an inevitable trend to strengthen research and development of wide, high-speed paper-making forming loom suitable for weaving polyester forming wire. Polyester Fabric Loom Factory researches and develops more efficient and higher-level paper-making forming loom. Meet the needs of the domestic paper industry development.

CXWJ Forming Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

CXWJ Forming Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the application of textile machinery is becoming more and more extensive. Its main characteristics are:

1.Strong processability

In modern times, people's understanding of the structure, physical, and chemical properties of fibers has continued to deepen. As a result, more and more advanced technological methods have been created, which can give full play to the characteristics of fibers and fabrics. Therefore, the draft must be distributed to the corresponding equipment in each process to complete. Another example is the resin processing process (see anti-crease finishing). The fabric is first impregnated with resin in a padding machine, and then subjected to high temperature treatment in a baking machine to condense the resin between the fibers. Finally, it is removed by soaping and washing in a flat washer The combined resin residues are dried with a dryer. The entire process is determined by process requirements and cannot be reversed, unconditionally omitted or combined.

2.Strong package

The completeness of textile machinery is also subordinate to craftsmanship. One of the main development characteristics of modern textile machinery is to continuously increase the operating speed of the machine, thereby achieving high output, in order to reduce the number of equipment, reduce the area of the plant, save investment and labor. Less money has made a big difference. The main measures to improve the running speed of textile machinery are to design the component structure more reasonably, use excellent performance materials and improve processing accuracy.

3.High efficiency

The high efficiency of the textile machinery is achieved on the basis of high speed plus corresponding other measures, such as the successful development of the exhaust box and the card autoleveling device, which realizes the combination of cleaning and carding, thereby eliminating The coiling process and the cotton cleaning and coiling device save a lot of handling work and improve efficiency.

4. Provincial maintenance

Modern textile machinery is fully designed to reduce maintenance and extend its service life. After careful consideration in selecting materials and formulating heat treatment processes, it guarantees long service life and reliable movement of parts.


The large repetition coefficient of the same part of each machine is another feature of textile machinery. The machinery factory that produces these parts needs to design corresponding tools, fixtures, molds to a dedicated multi-station automatic machine or a dedicated assembly line according to the batch size of the parts to ensure These parts are produced with high efficiency, high quality and low cost.

CXWJ Forming Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom was produced due to the demand for papermaking forming nets. This machine is suitable for weaving polyester single-layer and multi-layer forming nets for papermaking. The perforation width is 5500mm-12800mm, which belongs to China. Extra-wide rapier loom; main wall panel adopts cast-iron box structure, the whole machine is installed on the whole base; the weft insertion mechanism of the machine adopts servo motor double rapier weft insertion, six-color weft selection; the opening mechanism adopts double-side pull Multi-arm structure opening, 20 heald frames; both warp and take-up are driven by servo motors for active warp and three-roller active take-up; weft-beating adopts multi-section split-type crank four-link weft-beating; main drive Coaxial transmission using a new-type reluctance motor on both sides.