How The Rapier Loom Works?

Jul. 31, 2019

Here is Paper Machine Clothing Loom Manufacturer talking about the importance of paper forming fabric.

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Paper Making Rapier Loom

Paper Making Rapier Loom

1. Classification of rapier looms

The rapier loom is divided into a single rapier loom and a double rapier loom according to the number of rapiers. The single rapier guides the weft yarn from one side of the shed to the other for the modified narrow loom. Because the single rapier looms are simple in structure and cannot be widely used, they are rarely used. The double rapier is coordinated by the rapiers on either side of the shed, which allows the width of the looms to be increased and is often used.

2. Working principle

The rapier looms of the rapier looms are issued according to the weft cycle of the process design to issue the command signal through the weft selection. The weft-selecting device technology utilizes computer technology, uses a computer to select the weft, and carries out control commands through the computer, thereby improving the working efficiency of the weft selection and improving the quality of the spinning.

The rapier looms accessories are just one type of looms. For other looms, specific analysis is required, and different looms are used for different looms. Thereby improving production efficiency and improving economic efficiency.