How to Prevent the Rapier Head and Rapier Band from Wearing?

Jan. 20, 2020

Rapier loom is a kind of shuttleless loom. It is a general-purpose loom for weaving small and medium batches and frequently changing fabrics. During the production process, the rapier loom is inserted at a high speed, and the consumption of the rapier head and rapier belt accounts for more than half of the total material consumption of the rapier loom. Therefore, how to effectively avoid the wear of the sword head and the rapier band is very important to save production costs. The following Industrial Fabric Loom Factory will come to tell you.

1.Dangers of wear

The rapier head and rapier belt are the key components of the rapier loom to complete the weft insertion task. During the weft insertion process of the rapier loom, the weft yarn is always actively controlled by the sword head, which makes the weft insertion error less and the reliability high. Once the sword head is worn, it will cause weft insertion failure. In severe cases, it may even cause a large number of warp yarn breaks, affecting the quality of the cloth surface.

Calculated with a loom running at 400 revolutions per minute and running for 20 hours a day, the sword head reciprocates 960,000 times a day, and the sword head will inevitably wear out during long-term operation. The most vulnerable parts of the sword head are the head, wings and bottom. With each weft insertion, the sword head is subject to friction between warp yarns, sword hooks, walking blades, and guide rails when entering and retracting the sword. When the two wings of the sword head are severely worn to form a knife-edge shape, it is easy to cause warp yarn breaks, or even make the sword head jump out of the shed without the control of the guide hook, forming a large number of broken ends.

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Industrial Fabric Loom Factory

2. Causes of wear

Production practice has found that most sword head damage is caused by fracture damage caused by the impact of the weft-feeding sword and the weft-connecting sword. This situation is caused by the wear of the transmission device and the rapier band for a long time, which results in the gap of the sword head. For example, the GA749 rapier loom is relatively wide and its frame is made of plastic, so most of the damage is the weft sending rapier. Sword head breakage mostly occurs in the retaining and holding parts of the sword head. The wear of the rapier head of a rapier also has a lot to do with the type of fabric. The wear of the rapier head of different varieties is different, and there are large differences. Fabrics with thick yarn numbers and high warp density have severe wear on the sword head and short service life. The chemical fiber product sword head has a shorter service life. This is because the sword head head repeatedly rubs and heats on the chemical fiber warp yarn to generate static electricity, which causes a layer of hardened substance to condense on the bottom of the sword head, which easily hangs the warp yarn.

The size components used in warp yarn sizing also have a great effect on the degree of wear of the sword head, and different size components also have different effects on the wear of the sword head.

The technical structure of the rapier loom also has a certain relationship with the wear of the blade. For example, Computer Control Paper Making Rapier Loom, especially the higher the height of the rear beam and the higher the tension of the bottom warp, the more severe the wear on the blade. Because the tension of the lower layer of warp yarn is large, when the shed is gradually closed, the lifting force of the lower layer of warp yarn increases the lifting force of the supporting sword head correspondingly, the greater the frictional friction force on the guide sword hook, the greater the wear on the sword head.

3. How to prevent wear?

The tightness of the rapier weft insertion movement with the warp opening movement directly affects the wear of the sword head. The opening time of warp yarn is too early, the contact between warp yarn and warp yarn is relatively small, and there will be more contact with warp yarn when returning sword, so the sword head and warp yarn will be more friction and squeeze; similarly, the opening time of warp yarn will lag behind, and the returning sword will contact with warp yarn. There will be less, but the sword head and the warp yarn contact more, so at this time the sword head and warp yarn will be more friction and squeeze.

The above is how to prevent the rapier loom blade and rapier band from wearing out by the Heavy Duty Filter Canvas Loom Manufacturer. Hope to help everyone.