SZG Heavy Duty Industrial Fabric Loom

The machine is suitable for weaving heavy and high density industrial filter fabrics.


1.Reed Width: 2600mm、2800mm、3600mm

2.Weft Density: 6-45 pics/cm.

3.Extension of Yam: Warp: 0.1-0.7mm  Weft: 0.1-0.7mm

4.Loom Speed: 150-200rpm.

5.Power: About 21KW.

6.Total Weight: About 10T.

Machine Constructions:

1. Frame: Steel wallboard, integral basement

2.Main Drive: Middle drive of reluctance motor

3.Shedding: Down electronic dobby opening; 16 heald frames.

4.Weft Insertion: Flexible rapier weft insertion.

5.Beating-up: Conjugate cam mechanism beating-up.

6.Take-up: Servo motor drive take-up.

7.Let-off: Servo motor drives let-off. Double beams can be satisfied when two different supply of warp beams

8.Web Rolling: External superficial web-rolling, Dia of web rolling is 1.2m.

9.Lubricating System: The whole machine adopts Automatic centralized lubrication .

10.Control System: Adopting PLC control,it can set all kinds of parameters buttons of output, automatic display.