The Importance Of Paper Forming Fabric

Jul. 25, 2019

The production of the paper industry is inseparable from the equipment and materials of papermaking. The papermaking network that makes paper forming is an important factor in determining the development of the paper industry. Therefore, the history of papermaking is also the development history of the paper industry.

Because the polyester mesh has many advantages such as fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance than metal mesh, it has also been rapidly developed and promoted in the paper industry. In 1983, China's polyester net was successfully used in the paper industry, which effectively promoted the promotion and application of polyester nets. In 1984, China began to introduce a complete set of polyester mesh production equipment from abroad, from single-layer polyester forming net to the current multi-layer polyester forming net, which accelerated the development of China's paper industry.

How to select and apply polyester forming fabrics is of great significance for improving the quality and production efficiency of papermaking and reducing costs. China's paper industry is developing rapidly. It is an inevitable trend to strengthen research and development of wide-width, high-speed paper-forming wire mesh looms suitable for weaving polyester forming fabrics. Research and development of more efficient and higher-level paper-forming wire mesh loom to meet the domestic paper industry The need for development.

The High-Strength Paper Making Rapier Loom is suitable for weaving polyester single-layer and multi-layer forming net for papermaking. The width of the thread is 5500mm-12800mm, which belongs to the domestic wide-width rapier loom. The main wall board adopts the cast-iron box structure, and the whole machine is installed on the whole. On the base; the weft insertion mechanism of the machine adopts servo motor double rapier weft insertion, six-color weft selection; the opening mechanism adopts double-side pulling multi-arm structure opening, 20 heald frames; the warp and the winding are both driven by servo motor The shaft is actively fed and the three rolls are actively coiled; the beating is multi-section split type crank four-link beating; the main drive adopts double-sided new reluctance motor coaxial transmission

High-Strength Paper Making Rapier Loom