Market Prospect Analysis Of Rapier Looms Accessories

Nov. 18, 2019

Looms are becoming more and more popular in people's lives, and rapier looms are a kind of shuttleless machines. Due to its good adaptability and low price, the rapier looms have always been in the leading position. It is widely used in yarn dyeing, silk weaving, wool and other industries and is the most versatile weaving machine. So what is the market prospect of rapier looms? The following Industrial Fabric Loom Factory will come to tell you.

Industrial Fabric Loom

Industrial Fabric Loom

The first is the classification of rapier looms:

The rapier loom is divided into a single rapier loom and a double rapier loom according to the number of rapiers. The single rapier guides the weft yarn from one side of the shed to the other for the modified narrow loom. Because the single rapier looms are simple in structure and cannot be widely used, they are rarely used. The double rapier is coordinated by the rapiers on either side of the shed, which allows the width of the looms to be increased and is often used.

The rapier looms accessories are just one type of looms. For other looms, specific analysis is required, and different looms are used for different looms. Thereby improving production efficiency and improving economic efficiency. There are many forms of rapier looms, which are divided into single rapier looms, double rapier looms and double rapier looms according to the rapier configuration.

1, single rapier loom accessories

When the single rapier is weft insertion, only the long rapier and the sword-sending mechanism wider than the cloth width are arranged on one side of the weaving raft, thereby feeding the weft yarn to the shed to the other side, or by the empty rapier extending into the shuttle. After holding the weft yarn on the other side, the weft yarn is pulled into the shed during the retreating process to complete the weft insertion. When the single rapier loom is introduced, the weft yarn does not undergo the transfer process in the center of the shed, so the weft yarn transfer error and the weft tension peak caused by the handover process do not occur. The sword head structure is simple, but the rapier size is large, and the range is also large. Big. Because of its low machine speed and large floor space, most have been replaced by double rapier.

2, double rapier looms accessories

When the double rapier is weft insertion, the rapier and the corresponding sword-transmitting mechanism are installed on both sides of the loom. In the process of starting the retreat, the weft yarn is transferred from the weft-splitting sword to the weft-sword, and the weft yarn is pulled through the shed by the weft-sword. When the double rapier is weft insertion, the rapier is light and compact, and it is easy to reach the width and high speed of the loom. When the double rapier is woven, the weft yarn transfer in the center of the shed is reliable, and generally no mistakes occur. Therefore, the rapier loom widely uses double rapier weft insertion.

The rapier loom is mainly designed to solve the weft insertion method, including rigid, flexible and telescopic weft insertion. Its main product is fabric for clothing. Compared with other weft insertion methods, the weft insertion method of rapier loom is suitable for multi-color weft insertion, and can produce multi-pattern patterns of 12-color weft insertion, including various types of Yarn, producing various types of fabrics. The active rapier drive can complete weft insertion for many yarns with difficult weft insertion. At present, Computer Control Paper Making Rapier Loom have appeared on the market, which is convenient to operate.

From the perspective of the current textile machinery market, the rigid rapier loom accessories are relatively small in size, so the footprint is relatively small. The biggest advantage of this model is that it can actively transfer the weft yarn to the weaving mouth. The center does not require any guiding device, but its shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, its width is limited.

In comparison, the flexible rapier loom accessories have a relatively wide width and a wider range of adaptability and use range, and the adaptability is stronger, and the weft insertion rate is significantly increased, so his shortcomings That is to say, in the case of relatively rigid rapier looms, the footprint is slightly larger, but compared with these advantages, it can be ignored.

The above is the analysis of the market prospects of the rapier loom accessories of the Polyester Fabric Loom Factory, hoping to help everyone.