Application Of Paper Machine Clothing Loom

Jul. 04, 2019

Paper Machine Clothing Loom applicable to the solid-liquid separation industry of power plant wet desulfurization, tailings, metallurgy, mining, chemical, coal chemical, paper, food, pharmaceutical and environmental protection: including municipal sewage sludge, pressure filtration of sludge in various industries, paper mill Pulp pressing, concentrated juice pressing, antistatic material conveying, alkali resistance and high temperature conveying, etc. and other special industries. The main application equipment belt filter press, rubber belt vacuum filter, horizontal vacuum belt filter, vacuum drum filter, vertical filter press and other washing machines and other filtration equipment,

High-Strength Paper Making Rapier Loom mainly used for: material use temperature of 100 degrees, alkali content ≧ (20% sodium hydroxide) pressure filtration, and other industries that require high tensile strength and high wear resistance.

Anti-static net is mainly used for chemical fiber, dry paper making, fiberboard continuous press belt, continuous pre-press belt, and materials need conductive, anti-static industry

Washing net is mainly used for horizontal belt washer, vacuum washer and drum washer

Paper Machine Clothing Loom