GA727SCD Woven Brake Lining Loom

This machine is ideal weaving loom professional for weaving multi-layers integral woven belt carcass, especially for weaving asbestos and non-asbestos brake lining and industrial belt.


1.Reed Width: 550mm.

2.Range of yarn: 3-6 ply asbestos yarn.

3.Warp/Weft density: Warp density: 182-242picks/10cm.

Weft density 96-360picks/10cm

4.Loom Speed:15-70rpm(stepless speed regulating)

5.Power: About 7.17Kw

6.Weight of machine: About 8 Tons.

1.Frame work:Steel wallboard, integral basement

2.Main drive: Variable frequency motor, reducer drive.

3.Shedding: Single dobby opening; 20 heald frames.

4.Weft Insertion: Rigid single-rapier,servo motor control, double-weft insertion; small shuttle lockstitching.

5.Beating-up: Conjugate cam mechanism beating-up with slay-separating form.  

6.Take-up: Porcupine roller positive continuous take-up.

7.Let-off: Positive continuous let-off.

8.Control System: Adopting PLC control, it sets the buttons of output, fault, and speed.