GA727F Heavy Duty Filter Canvas Loom

This machine is professional for weaving heavy canvas, high density industrial filter cloth fabrics etc.


1、Range of yarn: 10s×6 ply;

2、Maximum weft density: 24 picks/inch (warp density: 10s×6 ply 36 picks/inch)

3、Reed Width: 1800mm—2300mm.

4、Framework: Steel wallboard, 4 square pipe as transverse rail.

5、Speed: 120rpm.

6、Shedding: Tappet cam shedding system, 4 pieces of heald frames.

7、Weft Insertion: Double sided flexible rapier weft insertion system, and exchange weft in the medium of slay.

8、Beating Up: Crankshaft beating up, heavy duty slay and reed cap, heavy beat up lever.

9、Let Off: Electronic let off system, warp beam model warp supply, power of servo motor: 0.75Kw.

10、Take Up: Electronic take up system, power of servo motor: 1 Kw.

11、Fabric Rolling: Frequency motor external fabric rolling system. The Maximum Dia. is 1000mm.

12、Motor: 4KW.