DWT750J High Speed Wide Rapier Loom

This machine is suitable for weaving woven press felt( double warp woven press felt), carpet base cloth, geotextile, glass fiber cloth, super wide canvas fabric, etc.


1. Extension of Polyester Monofilament:monofilament: 0.2-0.45mm、   

ply yarn: 0.2×4 ply.

2. Weft Density: 50-80 picks/ 10cm,not plain。

3. Reed Width: 6000-7500mm. Adjustable reed width.

4. Maximum Speed: 100 rpm.

5. Power: About 15KW.

6. Weight: About 16T.

1. Framework: The main wallboard adopting Steel wallboard. The  machine install on the basement.

2. Main Drive: Adopting new type of reluctance motor, single sided drive(patent).

3. Shedding:Underneath type double-dobby opening, 10 heald  


4. Weft Insertion: Water cooled servo motor drives bilateral weft


5. Beating-up:Multi-point conjugate cam box mechanism beating-up.

   The force of beating up is 1.5T/M(patent).

6. Take-up: Servo motor take up.

7. Let-off: Servo motor let off, provide warp beam or creel let off if   

necessary (not including creel).

8. Web-rolling: External central fabric rolling.

9. Lubrication System: Automatic grease lubrication and manual


10. Control System: With PLC computer control system, the machine

can freely set various parameters and automatically display faults.