Emergency Soft Motorized Pavement Laying Net

The emergency soft motorized road paving net produced by the weaving machine of our Industrial Fabric Loom Factory is mainly used to lay temporary movable pavement in the low load capacity areas such as beach, mud, snow and swamp, and quickly lay temporary emergency. The channel guarantees all kinds of wheeled equipment to overcome the obstacles in the tidal flat, and the pavement material is polyester non-metal composite material.


The main parameters are:

1.the length of the road: 100-200 meters

2. Pavement width: 3.6-4.2 meters

3. Design load: wheel load shaft pressure 13T

4. Working mode: laying before and after mechanization, then withdrawing

5.expansion time: 15 minutes

The use of this emergency soft motorized paving network can quickly and easily cope with the sudden situation of the road. If you have any needs in this regard, you can contact our company, we can provide you with various types fabric loom including Polyester Fabric Loom, welcome you.

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