CXWT Industrial Screen Loom

This is a super-heavy loom designed for weaving special web, especially for thick and heavy press web, filter sieve, desulfurized and heavy environmental protection screen etc.


CXWT Industrial Screen Loom

1、Range of Polyester monofilament: 0.2~1.2mm

2、Weft Density: 40~150 picks/10cm

3、Reed Width: 6300mm-7500mm. 

4、Economic Loom Speed: 40-45rpm.

5、Power r: About 50Kw.

6、Weight: Approx. 40~60T.

1、Framework: The main wallboard adopts iron box structure; The machine installed on the overall base.

2、Main driven: Adopting bilateral motor two-sided coaxial drive.

3、Shedding Mechanism: Adopting bilateral broad knife blade side-drawing dobby device, 10 heald frames.

4、Weft Insertion mechanism: Servo motor drive, rapier weft insertion. 2 weft selection.

5、Beating Up Mechanism: Adopting multi-fissions crank four-linkage weft beating. Crankshaft has variable speed device drive.

6、Take Up Mechanism: Adopting servo motor control three-roller positive take-up.

7、Let-off Mechanism: Adopting servo motor control positive let-off.

8、Web-rolling Mechanism: Independent external central fabric rolling system.

9、Lubrication system: Automatic grease lubrication and manual lubrication.

10、Controlling System: With PLC computer control system, the complete machine can freely set up various parameters and automatically display faults.

CXWT Industrial Screen Loom