Air Slide Belt Loom

This machine is to weave powdery conveyor belt.


TQ Powdery Conveyor Belt(air slide belt)Loom

1.Reed Width: 1400-2000mm.

2.Range of warp density: 648 picks/10cm.

3.Range of weft density: 272 picks/10cm

4.Range of yarn: warp yarn: 20s/12ply, weft:20s/8ply.

5.Loom Speed: 80 rpm(frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.)

6.Power: 7.87Kw

7.Weight of Machine: About 8 Tons.

1.Frame work: Steel wallboard, integral basement

2.Main Drive: Variable frequency motor, reducer drive.

3.Shedding: Double-dobby opening; 20 heald frames.

4.Weft Insertion: Rigid double-rapier double-weft insertion; crochet hook lockstitching.

5.Beating-up: Crank shaft and four connecting rod beating-up .

6.Take-up: Porcupine roller positive interval take-up.

7.Let-off: Positive continuous let-off.

8.Control System: Adopting PLC control, it sets the buttons of output, fault, and speed.

TQ Powdery Conveyor Belt(air slide belt)Loom